A tea connoisseur talking about tea is not unlike hearing a perfumer talk about how to blend the perfect fragrance, or a wine producer thoroughly explain how he turns his vines into vintage yields.

Tea dates back thousands of years

The history of tea can be traced back to China thousands of years ago, and its role in political and cultural history is pervasive and rich.

But it is only recently, Australians have begun to grasp the paradigm of tea as a luxury product that rightfully deserves the same discernment applied to choosing cheeses or wines.

At The Coffee and Tea Factory we will demonstrate to you how a speciality tea can be enjoyed in the same way in which a fine wine can.

Understanding tea like a true tea connoisseur

When it comes to the tea tasting, you will soon fully understand that all flavours of tea belong to one of 4 types – green, black, oolong and white – and these are all derived from only one plant, the Camellia sinensis.

Tea connoisseur tips – how to make the perfect brew

  • Whether bagged or loose, keep your tea fresh by storing it in a tin or sealed jar to avoid the flavour spoiling.
  • Oxygen helps the tea flavour to develop, so boil fresh water. Filtered water is the best.
  • A grimy build-up on your teapot will alter the taste – keep the pot clean
  • You can warm the teapot by swirling hot water around the inside of the pot which will keep your tea warm for a longer period.
  • One teabag per person inside the teapot, or 1 teaspoon of loose tea.
  • Brew loose tea for 3 – 5 minutes and before pouring stir once . Less time is needed for loose green tea (2 – 3 minutes) and loose white tea (1 minute).