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Experience The Taste Of A Coffee Shop From The Roaring 20’s

The Coffee & Tea Factory (The Factory) brings a ‘taste’ of the 1920’s to its customers, whilst showcasing the juxtapositon of Western & Eastern Cultures in the modern day.

The Factory immerses all 5 senses with an all encompassing wealth of history and modern day nuances.

From the origins of ancient teas, emerges the modern day expression and flavours of Teapresso, Arabica coffee & Bubble Tea whilst in an almost cinema setting of a 1920’s Apothecary.

We see coffee and tea making not just as an Art, but as a Science.

We are all scientists at The Factory, each day with a new hypothesis which seeks to extract that little bit more flavour, delicacy, emotion and culture from our products for our customers.

The result – a cinematic beverage experience imbued with culture, emotion, pleasure and most importantly flavourful memories.

At The Heart Of The Factory

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At heart of The Coffee & Tea Factory, is our desire to infect that which is common, like a daily cup of coffee or tea, with spirit and the highest level of care and attention imaginable.

Something familiar, can still be just as special as it was the first time you tried it.

We seek to not only leave our customers with renewed sense of excitement and enjoyment, but we aim to leave a lasting impression on them from a social, psychological, physiological and cultural perspective.

Our belief is that quality is brought about in three areas:

  • product
  • delivery
  • service

We work hard to ensure that these three links collaborate, working towards the collective goal: – exploring our products taste potential and seeing the smile on our customers faces.

The Teapresso Factor

The Coffee and Tea Factory offers a wealth of memorable tea experiences and is the first company to launch in Australia quite possibly the most innovative flavour enhancing , waste reducing, speed enhancing , temperature controlling beverage maker in the world , TEAPRESSO

The Arabica Factor

Our Artisan Coffee is an Arabica blend that is created by using the highest grade coffee beans from Brazil, India and Guatemala, delivering a supreme flavour which is best enjoyed with or without milk.

The Hunger Factor

Spoil yourself whilst you work your way through the coffee & tea blends with freshly baked goodies come in the form of croissants, muffins, sweet tarts and savoury pastries, New York Deli style sandwiches such as Reubens and Melts and a variety of salads for the health conscious.

The CEO Introduces Our Store

The CEO Of The Coffee And Tea Factory Introduces you to our wonderful store